Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons Live Streaming 2018 NFL Division

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Friday night, the rivalry is heating up. Atlanta Falcons’ fans have arrived in town and are talking some big talk.

Live Stream:
Live Stream:

And no surprise, the Eagles’ fans are throwing it right back at them.

No sooner did the Falcons’ buses began arriving in Philadelphia for the game did the trash talking between their fans and Eagles’ fans begin a few feet away outside their hotel.

Falcon fan James West of Macon, Georgia said, “I think a lot of people in Philly are gonna be upset tomorrow between the cold weather and the bowl whipping.”

“I think Nick Foles is gonna cost Philly the game, that’s without Carson Wentz,” said Jeff Monroe of Macon, Georgia.

Gordan Duncan of Glendora, New Jersey said, “A lot of fans over there for the Falcons are telling me, ‘Hey’, they got this game in the bag.”

However, Duncan adds, “This game’s in the bag.” For them, we asked. “No for us, easy game, they can’t play our defense.”

West disputed, “Running games, gonna go through the defense, even though they’ve stopped all the runs all year, we’ve got them tomorrow.”

“They ain’t gonna run right through our defense, nobody has all year,” Duncan added.

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